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WithOneSeed community forestry program, developed by xpand Foundation, is the first social enterprise acting on climate change through community lead forestry in Timor-Leste. It is dedicated to improving the resilience of subsistence communities to make environments sustainable, to end poverty and hunger, to deliver open education and to create regional partnerships. It is beyond charity and aid. It provides a highly effective form of carbon capture and storage while reducing soil erosion and degradation and improving habitat and the water table.

Note that these sources may provide incomplete or out-of-date information. Road safety. Roads in Timor-Leste are poorly maintained. Ambulance services are not​.

Compared with previous years, the export of the oil sector increased for the first time since , ecxplained by a rise un the oil price. Oil production has been decreasing since due to the natural depletion of the BU field. This agency was created under Decree Law No. The tax regime applicable to petroleum activities depends on the jurisdiction area, but profit oil, first tranche petroleum, royalties and corporate income tax are the main levies.

FTP is a form of royalty collected for Bayu-Undan only. Royalty was paid in relation to Kitan until it ceased operations in Profit oil and gas is applicable to both Bayu-Undan and Kitan fields. This company receives government funds in the form of an annual public transfer for the purpose of supporting its operational activities in accordance with the State Budget Law. All revenues from the oil and gas sector go directly to the Petroleum Fund. The two main projects are the Bayu-Undan field and, until recently, the Kitan field which closed in

Development projects in Timor-Leste

For year-old high school student Maria, falling accidentally pregnant before her graduation was a real and dangerous possibility. Approximately one in every four girls in Timor-Leste will have a child before turning 20, and teenagers know little about sexual relationships, reproduction, and contraception. Talking about sex is taboo in conservative Timor-Leste, and traditions may prevent young people from speaking candidly about their experiences.

Young people often hide sexual relationships, and access to contraception and information about sexual health and pregnancy is limited. But recent research commissioned by Plan International Timor-Leste and UNFPA indicates that if young people had better access to sexual education and sexual health services, high rates of teenage pregnancy and child marriage could be dramatically reduced.

In partnership with Marie Stopes Timor-Leste, Plan International Timor-Leste has created a smartphone app, Reprodutiva , to provide a safe and confidential space for young people to have their questions about sexual and reproductive health answered by professionals.

Likewise, Timor-Leste, with 24 confirmed cases and zero deaths to date, also declared a state of emergency, in force from March 28 until April.

Ordinary Visa Class I is designed for foreigners who travel to the national territory for tourism or business, it allows a maximum length of stay of 90 days and is valid for up to one year with one or multiple entries.. In order to enter and remain in the national territory, foreigners must have the means to pay per capita an amount equivalent to:. The Agreement does not include Ireland and the United Kingdom therefore citizens of those countries are not exempted from the Visa to enter in Timor-Leste All enquiries should be emailed to the Immigration Service.

See contact details : Immigration Service contact details. General Ordinary Visa Class I is designed for foreigners who travel to the national territory for tourism or business, it allows a maximum length of stay of 90 days and is valid for up to one year with one or multiple entries..

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East Timor or Timor-Leste officially the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (​Portuguese: East Timor Bid to Join ASEAN Wins ‘Strong Support’, Bangkok Post, date: 31 January ^ Cavanaugh, Ray (24 April ). “Timor-Leste: A young.

I am meeting someone for the first time and I want to make a good impression. What would be good discussion topics? East Timor or Timor-Leste is a tiny country that takes up half of Timor Island and has about people. It has almost 16 different ethnic groups and 32 dialects. Major ethnic groups are divided according to the number of dialect speakers, which are Mambae, Tetun or Fehan, Makasae, Fataluku, Bunak, Kemak and Atoni. Indigenous culture which is practised by Timorese is largely influenced their traditional animist beliefs.

East Timor or Timor-Leste culture had also suffered from exterior influences. The country had been famous in the past for its sandalwood and had been communicating with other traders such as Indians and Chinese prior to the arrivals of the Portuguese. Traders had been the first outsiders that brought new components to Timorese culture.

Portuguese culture, after years of colonization has also had a large influence on Timorese culture. It is common for Timorese to shake hands when meeting a stranger for the first time. While shaking hands, Timorese look the stranger in the eyes briefly and flash a smile to show their high respect to the stranger. Introduction of names, and talking about the district or country one is from can be done at this time. Or one can also greet the stranger with, “How are you” when shaking hands.

Managing Land Conflict in Timor-Leste

Travax provides practitioners current, independently researched malaria risk and prevention recommendations in a map-based format that goes beyond the annual WHO and CDC statements included here. The Providers section of this site offers a directory of health care providers who utilize Shoreland Travax for travel health counseling. Learn more about the detailed reports and maps available from these practitioners includes links to samples.

Timor-Leste, a portion of the island of Timor and the islands of Pulau Atauro and Pulau Jaco, is a developing nation classified as lower middle income.

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August 4, Laxmi B. She is a member of the Dalit community of Chautara Sangachokgadi Municipality, ward […]. Do you like it? Read more. July 10, July 1, This is […]. The crisis has made people aware of how industrialized food production […]. June 23, June 2,

Elections in Timor-Leste: 2018 Early Parliamentary Elections

Find Out. Timor-Leste has made great strides in securing lasting peace and stability. The nation continues to face challenges, with economic growth reliant on government spending and revenues from natural resources.

Date of confirmation of the event, 26/09/ Outbreak cluster 1, Comoro, Bidau and Becora, Vera Cruz, Dili Municipality, Timor Leste (

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From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. File information. Structured data. Captions English Add a one-line explanation of what this file represents. Description Conflict, Timor Leste.

Government of Timor-Leste

Please contact customerservices lexology. Following the declaration of the state of emergency by the President of the Republic of Timor-Leste, on March 27, , for a period of 30 days and effective from March 28, the Government of Timor-Leste approved the Decree no. The individuals responsible for commercial and service establishments or markets are required to provide, at the entrance of their establishments, the conditions necessary for compliance with paragraph b above.

Entry to commercial or service establishments or markets is refused to individuals who do not comply with the provisions of paragraphs a and b above. If you would like to learn how Lexology can drive your content marketing strategy forward, please email enquiries lexology. In common with many in-house lawyers, I have limited access to and a limited budget for resources and rely on receiving know-how from friends and contacts in private practice.

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It occupies the eastern half of the island of Timor , the small nearby islands of Atauro Kambing and Jaco, and the enclave of Ambeno, including the town of Pante Makasar, on the northwestern coast of Timor. Dili is the capital and largest city. The eastern part of Timor island is rugged, with the mountains rising to 9, feet 2, metres at Mount Tatamailau Tata Mailau in the centre of a high plateau. The area has a dry tropical climate and moderate rainfall. Hilly areas are covered with sandalwood.

Scrub and grass grow in the lowlands, together with coconut palms and eucalyptus trees. There are hot springs and numerous mountain streams. Wildlife includes the cuscus a species of marsupial , monkeys, deer, civet cats, snakes, and crocodiles. Most of the people are of Papuan, Malayan, and Polynesian origin and are predominantly Christian.

East Timor

The final row shows the latest figures available. Consequently the above figures give an indication of the trend but the picture is inevitably incomplete. All national population figures are inevitably estimates but the estimates used in the World Prison Brief are based on official national figures, United Nations figures or figures from other recognised international authorities.

The table below gives an indication of the trend in the female prison population.

DILI, East Timor (AP) — A six-party coalition in East Timor has chosen presented to the Rhode Island Democrat from the Democratic Republic of Timor-​Leste.

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Crime continues to be a problem in Timor-Leste, including gang-related violence, robbery in some cases armed , and assault. Be vigilant at all times and avoid displaying expensive items of jewellery or carrying large sums of money. There have been reports of harassment and violence against women. There are occasional incidents of fighting between groups in various districts around Timor-Leste, often but not always related to martial arts groups.

These incidents often involve stone throwing and occasionally machetes and knives.

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For those with pre-existing health problems, an earlier appointment is recommended. A list of useful resources including advice on how to reduce the risk of certain health problems is available below. Country specific diphtheria recommendations are not provided here. Diphtheria tetanus and polio are combined in a single vaccine in the UK.

Due Dates for Payments. Due Date on Calendar. Annual Income Tax: Pay On or Before 31 March. Final payment of income tax is due on or.

Measures to resolve land disputes in Timor-Leste must go beyond a draft law on land titling if they are to comprehensively reduce the risks posed, otherwise the law could bring more problems than solutions. Eight years after independence, Timor-Leste is still without a legal basis for determining ownership of land. In its absence, the challenges of enforcing property rights have grown more complex and increased the potential for conflict.

Resolution of these uncertainties through new laws, regulations and policies is necessary to reduce conflict, diminish the risk of further instability and to provide a clear way to resolve past and future disputes. Land disputes have grown out of a history of displacement that includes forced relocations, military occupation and deadly internal upheavals.

Despite this troubled history, few disputes over land ownership lead to violence. Many have been resolved or at least managed through informal mediation, a marker of the strength of customary understandings of land tenure and local communities. Yet some cases remain beyond the capacity of village chiefs, local elders or religious leaders to fix. The risk is that this has created expectations that legislation alone will be unable to meet.

Many of these issues are more political than technical and will not be resolved by the application of titling laws. Given the weaknesses of the Timorese legal system, support to existing mediation will need to be strengthened alongside new laws to provide a realistic option for those parties ready to settle out of court. Draft legislation on land titling before parliament will be an important first step towards better management of land disputes and pave the way to enforcement of a new civil code to govern all property rights.

It will provide the first legal proof of ownership and provide protections in a growing property market.

East Timor renegade soldier criticises president-elect, Australian presence